Take VNC session control

Alejandro Sánchez Acosta alejandro.sanchez "at" municipia.com
Wed Apr 14 08:31:01 2004

Quoting William Hooper <whooper "at" freeshell.org>:

> Alejandro Sanchez Acosta said:
> > And about the display 0, I just know in linux the gemsvnc server to use
> > the same
> > display without opening a new one.
> So will VNC4 and xf4vnc, but none of them offer the option you are looking
> for.  That is why I offered a different scenario to accomplish it.
> >> > And in the Windows one with TightVNC I can disable the local keyboard
> >> and
> >> > mouse
> >> > in the user options and it notify to the service.
> >>
> >> RealVNC also supports this option (providing that the server is running
> >> Windows NT/2000/XP).
> >
> > That's not so easy, it has to be transparent for the user and the person
> > that
> > wants to connect to the remote desktop.
> Can you explain what is not "transparent" about it?

The situation is the following: 

- Teacher can monitorize any remote desktop (viewonly mode)
- Teacher can show how to do some things in a remote computer (so you have to
disable remote kbd and mouse)
- Teacher can send a desktop to other machine (actually it connects some
computers in shared mode to the selected by the teacher)

And all of that it has to be transparent to the teacher. In the second option
you have to stablish a VNC session with a VNC server (its a server per machine,
I just modify the connection params with vncviewer [-shared -viewonly -...])

> > In the tightvnc one in Windows,
> > when you
> > apply the change it notify the server but I can't automatize it. (I can't
> > write
> > anything in the register and notify to the server without restarting the
> > windows
> > user session)
> Is there a particular reason not to leave the option set at all times?

Because you want to use the same server for different situations, the before

> Another thing you might want to check out is using the vncconfig program
> with VNC4.

I will try and check if I can use that command in text mode. Other option is
modify the register in Windows but in the tightvnc it just apply in the user
config and doesn't monitorize the win register, it seems that it sends an event
when you apply the change and update the register.

Anyway it would be fine for Windows VNC session, but if I'm playing with Linux I
don't know how to do the same if any server let to disable local keyboard/mouse.