'java.net:NoRouteTohost Operation timed out' problem

William Hooper whooper "at" freeshell.org
Wed Apr 14 01:14:33 2004

George Cordahi said:
> Hi William, Scott and other VNC enthusiasts
> Your suggested changes worked for me. I am now able to connect remotely to
> my home networked VNC servers with both the native vnc viewer and the java
> applet.
> Now, where in the VNC documentation should I have found the specific
> information you provided me to solve my problem. Is it there in full view,
> and I missed it?

It's spelled out, exactly, it is just you are using an "unusual"
configuration.  The VNC server has no way of knowing that you are changing
the ports via the NAT device, so it can't compensate for it.

It does look like it is mentioned in the Unofficial FAQ:

I'm not sure if Scott just added it, though :-)

William Hooper