Take VNC session control

Alejandro Sánchez Acosta alejandro.sanchez "at" municipia.com
Tue Apr 13 17:21:02 2004

Quoting William Hooper <whooper "at" freeshell.org>:

> Alejandro Sanchez Acosta said:
> > Quoting William Hooper <whooper "at" freeshell.org>:
> >
> >> Alejandro Sanchez Acosta said:
> >> > Hello,
> >> >
> >> > Is there any client (like vncviewer) that take the control of a remote
> >> VNC
> >> > server?   Is so hard to try to control a machine if the remote user is
> >> > moving
> >> > the mouse or using the keyboard.
> >>
> >> What operating system?
> >
> > It imply both windows and Linux.
> Nothing was implied, that's why I asked.
> > In the linux
> I would suggest for Linux running a VNC session on display :1 and having
> the "controlling" client connect to it normally.  The one you don't want
> to be able to control it can connect using the "-viewonly".  It doesn't
> appear that RealVNC4 or xf4vnc support disabling via the XFree86 module.

The current display that is using the user is :0. And I want to connect to the
remote user, teach how to do some things and the user can't interact with her
desktop so the kbd/mouse input is blocked.

And about the display 0, I just know in linux the gemsvnc server to use the same
display without opening a new one.

> > And in the Windows one with TightVNC I can disable the local keyboard and
> > mouse
> > in the user options and it notify to the service.
> RealVNC also supports this option (providing that the server is running
> Windows NT/2000/XP).

That's not so easy, it has to be transparent for the user and the person that
wants to connect to the remote desktop. In the tightvnc one in Windows, when you
apply the change it notify the server but I can't automatize it. (I can't write
anything in the register and notify to the server without restarting the windows
user session)

In Linux I have no any option to do that and blocking the input is not posible
with X Window Programming because I have to interact with the VNC session.