Virtual displays

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Tue Apr 13 17:17:01 2004

	(This message is to answer similar questions in several threads, not only this one).

	The FAQ/DOC have already answered your question/demand.  For example, about disabling the local input devices, it's answered here:

	About having several sessions, look here:

	About having a "virtual (second)" screen without having a real dual-head display card ..... well, it's not written in the DOC, but you have to know that this is implemented in the system and/or graphic card driver as "virtual desktop".  There might also be some commercial softwares to emulate this functionality, but as far as VNC is concerned, it's not programmed to capture this.  There's multi-display support under development, and if you would like to implement this, I don't think they would refuse your contribution.  Otherwise, you have to contend yourself with what it is presently :)

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> Hi,
> I'm currently using VNC to administer a number of touchscreen machines
> within a bar environment.  I had to change what was on the display of
> these screens whilst the bar was open last week and had to first VNC in,
> disable the touch screen, and then change the running application on the
> machine before re-enabling the touchscreen input and closing the VNC
> session.  All this worked, but I did have to struggle on a few of the
> machines due to people touching the screens whilst I was working with
> VNC before i'd disabled the touchscreens.  I also wasn't happy that
> people could see me working away infront of them.
> is there any way to have a secondary screen show up on the host machine
> whilst I'm working in VNC? would a possible solution be to have a dual
> monitor set up - and have VNC use one, and the touchscreen use the
> other? If so, is there anyway to fake this without a dual head graphics
> card or two cards in the machine?
> Ideally I'd like to be able to VNC in to the host. have the host display
> an image on the screen and ignore any inputs - mean time i set up the
> machine to what i want it to display, and then when i exit VNC, the
> screen I was working on goes through to the touchscreen display.
> Cheers,
> Guy
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