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Nathan Harmsworth admin "at" broddyfi-hs.powys.sch.uk
Tue Apr 13 15:40:02 2004

Hi Ben

> <snip>
>I'm running Win XP Pro at home. I use Zonealarm as a firewall. I'm
>hoping to connect from another home computer with the same setup, and
>from work. I work at a University. My office PC is running windows XP
>Pro, but I'm not sure about firewall etc.
>Any advice???

Certainly have...

I presume at the university you don't have a 56k/dial-up modem - you
have a "form" of broadband - and I would assume that the county that
provides the uni with your internet feed (if this is how it works
in your area) has firewall's setup... i.e. virtually no chance of it
working....well...not without asking, and if their anything like Powys,
they'll probably say no hehe

Talk to whoever runs the IT network side of things at the uni and see
what he/she suggests.

I'd like to do the same but I'm sure they wont allow it i.e. if I was able
to do it, then so could hackers, etc...

Good luck and feel free to get back to me on how you got on.

Best Regards,
Nathan H.
Network Administrator - YBD (Powys Edu)