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ProMark promark "at" cyberhotline.com
Tue Apr 13 12:15:01 2004

Hi Corni Beerse,

I need to use it for remote support of my customers, who have NO idea what a
router is or even if they have one.  Most have an SBC or earthlink DSL
service (dynamic IP addresses).

I have tried PcAnywhere, but can not connect if not installed or setup
properly at the customer's end, since most customers are almost computer
illiterates (I am just a little bit better than they are, LOL); they just
know how to use one or two programs on their computers and have no idea how
it works, so far I don't have much success with PcAnywhere.

I need something that will be easy to install on the customer's end and
secure on both ends, security is a requirement due to the nature of data
involved.  (I am behind a firewall appliance).

Thanks for your help.

> ProMark wrote:

> > Hi,
> >
> > Which one of these three has the best program and ease of use; TightVNC,
> > TridiaVNC and UltraVNC, and why?
> The real one is missing: realvnc...
> I'd say there is no best version in general. They all have their
>  From my point of view, realvnc is the best since that is the cleanest one
> the one available on M$Windows, Linux and HP-UX.
>  From your point of view, you should say which options you need or what
you like
> to do with it. Only then, one can say which is the best.
> >
> > Which one has the best security features.
> None of the above. VNC has no security, at least not by default. If you
> security, you best use some tunnel, ssh or vpn connection.
> >
> > Also are there any other vendors or versions?
> It once started at an AT&T research lab in the uk:
> http://www.uk.research.att.com/archive/vnc/docs.html .
> Currently the core is at http://www.realvnc.com/
> >
> > Thanks for all your help.
> > ProMark
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