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Tue Apr 13 11:06:00 2004

	I don't know the exact answer, but visibly either the server forgets to emit the client shutdown command or the client fails to get that command.  Try cross-combination.  Eg, try to use the 3.3.3 Linux client with 3.3.7 win server and vice versa.

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> Hi,
> I'm running a VNC server (version 3.3.7) on a Win98 machine, and a VNC
> viewer (version 3.3.7) on a Red Hat 9 Linux machine.  I recently
> upgraded both VNC versions from 3.3.3.
> When I shut down the Win 98 machine from the Linux machine (using the
> normal Win 98 shut down, ... click on Start, click on Shut down, click
> on Shut down...), the Win 98 machine will shut down.  But the vncviewer
> window on the Linux machine stays open on the Linux desktop.  In the
> older version I used, the vncviewer window would close.  Anyone know how
> to get the Linux vnc window to close automatically when the server shuts
> down?
> Yes, I know I can use the F8 menu pull down or just click on the
> top-right corner window close button.  But I want it to be automatic
> like it used to be in version 3.3.3.  It's been a long time since I set
> up version 3.3.3, so I've probably forgotten some setting I used to
> accomplish the window close.  Any help will be appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Joe Henley
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