Project using gemsvnc.

Alejandro Sánchez Acosta alejandro.sanchez "at"
Tue Apr 13 08:48:01 2004


I'm doing a project where we have to monitorize the students in a class room
using VNC both windows and Linux. In the Linux side I'm using the gemsvnc server
and in the windows one the tigthvnc.

I have choosed gemsvnc because I can use the current display and I can see what
the student is doing in a Linux computer, in Xvnc, tightvnc, realvnc it opens a
new display.

When I need to connect a client to the VNC server I use the vncviewer (with some
params like shared, viewonly, fullscreen) but a main trouble is that I want to
use any auth police to connect to the server.

Other trouble is that sometimes the teacher wants to teach things to the student
and want to block the keyboard/mouse and play with the apps so the student can
learn. The problem here is that I have blocked the event inputs but if I try to
connect to the server I can't do anything.

The program basically does a while(1) XGrabServer(display);

How I can block the event inputs when the teacher want to access to a computer
with gemsvnc changing parms in the vnc client? Any good idea about using
authentication in VNC in the differents computers with a vnc client?

It would be fine if I can use the same in a windows machine using gemsvnc under

Thanks in advance,