'java.net:NoRouteTohost Operation timed out' problem

William Hooper whooper "at" freeshell.org
Mon Apr 12 16:08:00 2004

George Cordahi said:
> 4. I am still successful in local VNC connections within the home network
> with both browser and VNC viewer. But when I look at the HTML code from
> the
> browser in machine 5, to look at machine 10 as follows
> : I get port value = 5910.  Why doesn't it say
> 5810 ?

5810 is the port used to server the HTTP page containing the Java viewer. 
That is all it does.  The actual VNC communitcation (RFB protocol) takes
place over 5910.  This means that the java viewer needs the 5910 port so
that it can talk to the VNC server.

William Hooper