'java.net:NoRouteTohost Operation timed out' problem

George Cordahi george "at" cordahi.org
Mon Apr 12 15:36:01 2004

Hi Scott, William et al:

I still haven't seen the light of day on this..., but because I have not
been at work since Thursday, I could not test for myself whether any of the
changes I made have helped.

But I did ask a friend to try to connect to my servers via a browser. When
he entered the authentication password, he got a 'time out' error after a
while, but no "NoRouteToHost" string.

This is what I did:

1. I confirm that before making the changes you suggest, the HTML indicated
that the connection was using port 5900.
2. I opened the VNC properties on the two machines and changed the Display
numbers from "Auto" to 5 and 10 respectively
3. I changed the settings in the router as follows
        I now redirect public ports 5805 and 5810 to  private
port 5805 and private port 5810.
        I also redirected public ports 5905 and 5910 to  private
port 5905 and private port 5910. [Is this necesary since I can
access the servers via the vncviewer ?

4. I am still successful in local VNC connections within the home network
with both browser and VNC viewer. But when I look at the HTML code from the
browser in machine 5, to look at machine 10 as follows : I get port value = 5910.  Why doesn't it say
5810 ?

<HTML><TITLE>VNC desktop [machine2]</TITLE>
<APPLET CODE=vncviewer.class ARCHIVE=vncviewer.jar WIDTH=1024 HEIGHT=800>
<param name=PORT value=5910></APPLET></HTML>

Any more suggestions ?


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> George:
> Heya; I think William is right. Since the VNC Server
> is lisening on port 5900 on the PC's, when it "serves" the Java
> Viewer to your awaiting browser, the applet is predisposed to
> connect back on port 5900. But you don't have that port open
> in your router, so you see the "NoRouteTohost" error.
> If you changed the VNC Server on to listen
> to "Display 5" or "port 5905", and similarly changed
> to listen to "port 5910", and then updated the port-forwardings
> in your SMC router...it'll work.
> Good luck!
> -Scott
> > William:
> >
> > You say:
> >
> > > I bet if you look at the HTML (the paramaters passed to the java
> > > both of these are trying to contact port 5900.
> >
> > What HTML? Where? how? What should I look for?
> >
> > > You need to either server
> > > the viewer from a seperate HTTP server
> >
> > I don't understand what you are suggesting....
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