reaching our two computers

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Sun Apr 11 18:12:00 2004


	Heya; here's a description of another VNC user's solution
to a similar situation:

	Hope it helps!


> WE have downloaded the server on two machines  our entire network.  It
> is a small home office.  We have a router and DSL connection. We can
> access each computer from home with the viewer, but are unable to access
> remotely.  We know that the IP address is dynamic on the exterior side 
> how can we find out what it is when we are traveling for the next 3
> months?  We are able to find the dynamic address while here in the
> office and on the machine, but what about when sitting in the Yukon in
> an internet cafi?
> Thanks
> Wayne Sturm