Joe Henley joehenley "at"
Sat Apr 10 17:11:01 2004


I'm running a VNC server (version 3.3.7) on a Win98 machine, and a VNC 
viewer (version 3.3.7) on a Red Hat 9 Linux machine.  I recently 
upgraded both VNC versions from 3.3.3.

When I shut down the Win 98 machine from the Linux machine (using the 
normal Win 98 shut down, ... click on Start, click on Shut down, click 
on Shut down...), the Win 98 machine will shut down.  But the vncviewer 
window on the Linux machine stays open on the Linux desktop.  In the 
older version I used, the vncviewer window would close.  Anyone know how 
to get the Linux vnc window to close automatically when the server shuts 

Yes, I know I can use the F8 menu pull down or just click on the 
top-right corner window close button.  But I want it to be automatic 
like it used to be in version 3.3.3.  It's been a long time since I set 
up version 3.3.3, so I've probably forgotten some setting I used to 
accomplish the window close.  Any help will be appreciated!


Joe Henley