connecting to 2 machines

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Sat Apr 10 16:44:01 2004


	Heya. Yes, you'll need to add another set of "port redirects"
to your router for each VNC Server you want to connect with. Some
guidelines and examples to help set this up can be seen here:

	Hope this helps!


> I need to connect to two machines which run the vnc server on Windows XP Pro
> I'm already connect to one, on the standard ports for the viewer and web
> client.
> I connect through a adsl router to which I have added the port redirects to
> go to the current machine.
> So what can I do to connect to the other machine from the internet too?
> I suppose I need to let the new machine have 2 new port numbers ?
> Richard Histon