Compatibility of Xvnc 4.0 with vncviewer for Windows CE?

david feldman wb0gaz "at"
Sat Apr 10 13:31:01 2004

I have the following version of Xvnc installed on a linux box:

Xvnc version 4.0b4 - built Sep 19 2003 09:32:30

It works well (that is, with other EXCEPT in conjunction with vncviewer.exe 
that I installed for Windows CE on MIPS (it is version 3.3.2 or 3.2.2, I 
forget which, but it's the version fetched from

Further, vncviewer for ce/mips seems to work fine (although very slowly) 
with winvnc server (tightvnc 1.2.9)  installed on a w2k box.

It appears when vncviewer starts that it is able to tell if there is a 
server present (that is, if I give vncviewer an inactive server to talk to 
it gives an error), however, it does not reach the point of asking for the 
password of the Xvnc session (the dialog box does not appear.)

It appears there is some ethernet traffic flowing during the attempted 
session start (about one message per second).

Even if I wait for a long time, the session does not start.

As this interaction (Xvnc 4 with vncviewer for CE) is important for a 
project I'm working on, I'd really like to get assistance in troubleshooting 
and resolution. I'd be happy to dig into technical details, and with 
getting-started assistance, would be happy to spend time at this.

Very tnx,

wb0gaz "at"

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