'java.net:NoRouteTohost Operation timed out' problem

Scott C. Best sbest "at" best.com
Fri Apr 9 16:53:01 2004


	Heya; I think William is right. Since the VNC Server
is lisening on port 5900 on the PC's, when it "serves" the Java
Viewer to your awaiting browser, the applet is predisposed to
connect back on port 5900. But you don't have that port open
in your router, so you see the "NoRouteTohost" error.
	If you changed the VNC Server on to listen
to "Display 5" or "port 5905", and similarly changed
to listen to "port 5910", and then updated the port-forwardings
in your SMC router...it'll work.

	Good luck!


> William:
> You say:
> > I bet if you look at the HTML (the paramaters passed to the java viewer)
> > both of these are trying to contact port 5900.
> What HTML? Where? how? What should I look for?
> > You need to either server
> > the viewer from a seperate HTTP server
> I don't understand what you are suggesting....