'java.net:NoRouteTohost Operation timed out' problem (again)

William Hooper whooper "at" freeshell.org
Fri Apr 9 01:10:01 2004

George Cordahi said:
> Here are some details:
> The two machines at home are networked to each other and connected to the
> intenet via a SMC router (SMC7004AWBR). The public ports are redirected to
> private ports in the router as such:
> For machine 1: WinXP
> Public Port    Private IP     Private Port
> 5905   5900
> 5805   5800
> For machine 2:  Win98
> 5910   5900
> 5810   5800

I bet if you look at the HTML (the paramaters passed to the java viewer)
both of these are trying to contact port 5900.  You need to either server
the viewer from a seperate HTTP server or change your display number so
that your "Private Ports" to match your "Public Ports"

William Hooper