'java.net:NoRouteTohost Operation timed out' problem (again)

George Cordahi george "at" cordahi.org
Fri Apr 9 00:33:00 2004

Hi VNC users:

I am trying to connect from a remote VNC client at my office to the VNC
server on my home computers.  The problem is that when I use the browser on
the client to connect, I get the error "java.net:NoRouteTohost Operation
timed out".

I have no problem connecting to the same two servers using the native vnc
viewer. And I have no problem viewing the two machines from each other
within my home network using the browsers and the java applets.

Here are some details:

The two machines at home are networked to each other and connected to the
intenet via a SMC router (SMC7004AWBR). The public ports are redirected to
private ports in the router as such:

For machine 1: WinXP
Public Port    Private IP     Private Port
5905   5900
5805   5800

For machine 2:  Win98
5910   5900
5810   5800

ZoneAlarm 4.5 runs on both machines: Java.exe and javaws.exe are given
permissions to run as servers in the Trusted and internet zones.

My ip is dynamic, and is reached through a dynamic dns server. Lets call it

Here then are my results:

Client: Machine 1, Server: Machine 2

Using VNC viewer, Enter            Works
Using browser,     works


Client: Machine 2, Server: Machine 1

Using VNC viewer, Enter             Works
Using browser,      works

Now from the remote machine

Client: Remote machine, Server: Machine 1

Using VNC viewer, Enter public.net:5905/        works
Using browser,    http://public.net:5805/       I get the VNC authentication
view, but then after entering the password, I get
"java.net:noRouteTo:host.ExceptionError: Operation timed out"

Same results on machine 2 after replacing '05' with '10'

Any help is appreciated