How start vncserver for a no-root user whem i m logged on root account ?

William Hooper whooper "at"
Thu Apr 8 17:15:01 2004

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Eternal Security said:
> Hello.
> I know that, it is because i want to start VNC with the root account but
> for another user. Do you know what i mean ?
> If vncserver would have an option like "-user" to specifie the user which
> will connect to the VNC i would want to do :
> #vncserver -httport 80 -user myuser
> Cya and thanks for any help.

Root can start a VNC server for any user already (using su), but that
doesn't get around the security limitation of only root being able to open
priveldged ports.

If you absolutely have to have the java viewer served on port 80, use a
seperate http server.

William Hooper