Shift+arrow, shift+del, shift+home not recognized (win 3.3.7)

Mark Nadig mnadig "at"
Thu Apr 8 16:53:01 2004

I looked at known issues, FAQ and mailing list archive and found a
similar post pasted below for June of '02. The issue is the Shift key
*does* seem to be recognized with the mouse (in Explorer, shift+click
items select multiple items). However, the shift+arrows, home, or delete
keys are not correctly recognized; e.g. In notepad at end of line hit
shift+home and I would expect the entire line to be selected. In
explorer, shift+del should allow "permenant delete" instead of "send to
recycle bin".

Server is Windows 2000 Server. Client is XP Pro.

I read the release notes for beta 4 and it indicates "new keyboard
mapping algorithms". However, I'm not ready to try the beta unless I
know this issue is fixed.

Any workarounds? Thanks,

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Subject: problem with sending shift-<delete>

> I've noticed that if I click the Delete key on my keyboard while 
> holding down the shift key, it doesn't seem to send anything different

> than if I don't shift it.  I know that Microsoft Outlook treats the 
> two keys differently - when used with the shift, it asks me if I want 
> to permanently delete the highlighted message, while without shift, it

> just deletes it (into my Deleted Items folder).
> As a separate point of interest, if I use the shift key and click on 
> the delete icon on the toolbar, it does detect the difference between 
> shifted and unshifted.
Environment:  Windows 2000 SP2 on both host and viewer.
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