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Stickerguy Pete mench "at"
Thu Apr 8 16:35:00 2004

Hello all,
I'm having a strange problem with VNC via an SSH tunnel.

On all of the computers on my network, I'm able to open the ssh tunnel
like this:
ssh -L root "at"

then I open VNC Viewer, and enter localhost:1, type my password, and
the VNC window opens. I can get this to work on at least three computers
on my network of five.

On two of the computers, however, I get error messages in the SSH window
when I try to connect:

For Dan's computer:
# channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed
(if I VNC into Dave's computer, I'm able to VNC into Dan's computer - but
not directly)

On Kirk's computer:
# channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused
(I tried to VNC in from Dave's computer, but I got a "Connection Refused" error
from VNC server)

I don't understand this problem at all, whatsoever, because all computers
are attached to the same server... and up until around 6 months ago,
I was able to open all computers, no problemo...

My server is running SME SERVER 5.5
My computers are all running Windows 2000 Pro
They all have recent versions of VNC server running on them, but I'm not
sure if they're the latest...

I'm not too savvy with linux and whatnot, so please baby-talk with me :)

thanks in advance,

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