problems: winXP server, linux client

Michael bane "at"
Thu Apr 8 12:14:00 2004

Like many other threads I've seen I too experience crashes when
running VNC 3.3.5 (and now 3.3.7) as a service (ie server) on WinXP
and the client on Linux. A copy error message is of the form 

  Rect too large: 13x60248 at (6911, 38205)

but often I just get

  vncviewer: read: Connection reset by peer

I think this occurs when I open a new window or go to an already open
window on WinXP (as opposed to just typing or moving the mouse).

I never had a problem until, and this MAY be coincidence, I installed
MS Visual Studio 6. I've just added their SP6 but still problems - and
it's making VNC unusable

All pointers welcome!

Michael Bane
Dept. of Computer Science
Univ. of Manchester