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Thu Apr 8 02:57:01 2004

Thanks so very much for taking the time to help me! When I go to work tomorrow I'll run the "whois" program and see what IP addy it gives me. Curious because I got a number similar to what you're talking about when I replied to the subscription email for the list! ( Maybe *this* is my machine's addy! I'll try to confirm using the program you suggested.

Tonight I also noticed that when I hover over the (active) VNC icon from the viewer at home it shows *two* numbers for the server/desktop downstairs! One is the local, 192.168 number, the other (first) one is different.

How do I "forward" the IP addy to the router? Is it by typing in the IP addy with ":access/display number" like I did at home? Can I also ask if I can use the same access/display number for all machines? Do I only use the 5800 port for internet access? (i.e. When do I use port 5900? Is this another choice for internet access?

I apologize if I'm not using the correct terminology.....I hope you understand what I mean
Thanks again
aka LuniLadi

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From: Joseph Drigon <kingdbag "at">
Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2004 9:17 pm
Subject: Re: Connection Help

> Well, first of all... you need the correct IP address the ones you are
> trying to connect to from your home to work are not correct any ip 
> with192.168.X.X are only local to whatever network you are on... 
> so let me explain.... if you ip address at work is connecting to 
> that ip from your home network will not work... i will look for at your house. You need to find the IP number of your work DSL connection 
> will be something like etc.... if you can only find IP's with
> 192.168.X.X you are not looking in the right place. There are  several ways
> to find you ISP..IP... going to your routers configuration section 
> is one of them...or you can simply go here and your IP will be displayed at the top... once you know your IP 
> address you must open the correct ports on your router... 5800 and 5900 are 
> used by VNC...make sure you forward those 2 ports to your NAT ip which is
> 192.168.X.X you can find that when you use winipcfg it should be  
> under your Intel Ethernet adapter #3 connection if you are connecting to a 
> rotuer....ifyou do not want to use VNC over a web browser you can 
> open port 5900 only if you'd like..