Client auth failure - Win9x server with Netware Client

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Wed Apr 7 20:16:01 2004

Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks to all that contribute to
this great resource.

Ultr "at" VNC Server and Client (V 1.0.0 RC 11d)

Client connecting to Server running on a Win98 SE box with Netware 3.4

Ultr "at" VNC Client can connect / disconnect / reconnect while the
workstation in logged in to Netware. Client authorization succeeds
without problem

Client cannot connect when the target PC is at the Netware login prompt
(logged off)

Client is able to connect to another PC with the same OS and netware
client version while at the login prompt.

The Ultr "at" VNC client reports that the password is rejected (authorization
fails) after the failed attempt.

Server debug log records "Invalid attempt from client x.x.x.x"

What would cause one target pc to reject the password when at the login
prompt but not another?


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