VNC and Linksys Wireless Presentation Player

Oakes, Edward B eoakes "at" RADFORD.EDU
Wed Apr 7 15:45:01 2004

Linksys has a product called a Wireless Presentation Player.  WPG12 and
the new version WPG54G.  I am still waiting to get one of the new models
so I can't comment on that model.

Basically the device is a small access point looking device that you
connect to your Video Projector and it allows you to display your
computer screen on the projector without a "wired" connection.  This is
great for use with Tablet computers since you can walk around mark on
your screen and have it displayed on the projector at the same time.

From what I have been able to determine they are running an embedded
version of Linux on the box and the VNC viewer.  They have a control
utility that automatically searches for the presentation player and
starts up the VNC server on your local machine and then establishes the
connection back to the player.  Since this does some type of network
broadcast search you can't always find the player and thus it would be
problematic for large installations.  There is also no way to disable
the wireless portion of the box which will not tie in with the rest of
our campus wireless network.

It also looks like they are using an older version of VNC (at least on
the wpg12 model) that is much slower than the newer versions of VNC.

The basic concept works great, but it looks as if it would be difficult
to scale to 6-8 multimedia classrooms in the same building.  I just
wondered if anyone else had worked with this device or similar products
with suggestions of how to integrate something like this and make it
easy for faculty to use.


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