Web-based VNC access

Corné Beerse cbeerse "at" lycos.nl
Wed Apr 7 13:29:00 2004

Stephan A. Edelman wrote:
> I welcome the availability of an ActiveX control for two reasons: (1) The
> reality is that Java is becoming less accessible due to the fact that
> Microsoft has decided to remove it from its browser.

This realy starts a war...
You at least have the possibility to install java on your browser. All other 
browsers on all other platforms can do too. Try that with ActiveX.

> Installation of a JVM
> is less than transparent to the average end-user.

... explain... to the same end-user that do install all kinds of additional 
stuff to enable even more holes in their system.

> (2) Microsoft's JVM far
> outperforms Sun's JVM due to the fact that it does JIT byte-code compilation
> into a Windows native executable form, whereas Sun's JVM is completely
> interpreted. This translates into a much slower VNC response than is the
> case for MS JVM or an ActiveX control.

You even have the choice which jvm to install. Hence why not give users that 

> My $0.02 worth...

My 0.02 .... (which currently is more ;-)


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