Error generated by VNC4 in Windows 2003 Server

Carstensen, Pete PCARSTE "at" CSKAUTO.COM
Tue Apr 6 19:17:00 2004

I am getting very similar issues on W2K3 servers with TightVNC 1.2.9.  I suspect a conflict with the Terminal Server console mode may be at the root of the issue.

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	Let me answer your second question first: VNC4.
Actually, I'd been using VNC 3.3.7 with Win2003 Server for several months but I was always having problem with it (VNC server was causing errors and being shutdown by system).  And finally, I switched to VNC4 because others said it's more stable.  However, VNC4 still has some problem of "crashing".

	OK, back to the word "crash" ...... well, I can't actually describe what it is because I didn't jot down every visible problem.  Some instances that I can remember are:
1) I initiate a connection but it failed (forgot which error message)
2) I've got the password dialog and as soon as I enter the password, it failed.
3) I've got the client window and after a very short period, it closed down.  And in this situation, I'am sure that the server has "crashed".

	I have to mention that the VNC4 is registered as a service.  Moreover, the serivce is configured to recover (to restart) 1 minute after every failure.

	And when VNC server failed (crashed), there's a dialog on the console.  You know, the dialog asking if you want to report the problem back to Microsoft with two buttons: "Send" and "Don't Send".

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> Teng-Fong,
> When you say "crashed", do you just mean that the connection was dropped, or
> did the server actually crash?
> You initially specify that you are using VNC4, and then refer to VNC3.3.7.
> Which are you actually using?
> Cheers,
> Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.
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