Failed to Connect to Server

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Tue Apr 6 17:32:00 2004

	Heya. Most likely, your work PC is on a LAN that is
protected from Internet connections with a good firewall. If
so, you won't be able to ping it or VNC to it (but neither
will the "bad guys"...and that's a good thing).
	The easiest way to get VNC working in such a case is
to ask your sys-admin at work to help set it up for you. They
probably have really good reasons for restricting remote-access
with VNC directly, but they might already have setup a VPN
service you can connect with. Once VPN'd, you can run VNC over
that connection.


> Hi,
>      I am new to VNC software. I just installed X86
> Win32 (3.3.7) both at work and home today.
>      My work PC is on LAN and the IP address is not
> static, but hostname is static. I have tried to use
> both, but I got message: 'Failed to connect to
> server'. When I tried to ping the work PC from home, I
> got the same message. I am not an export on port and
> listener. I don't know whatelse I need to do to make
> it work. I checked the FAQ and other emails list here.
> I still don't know what to do.
>     Could someone please help me out???
> Thank you very much in advance!!!
> Ying