SpeedStream 5600 DSL Router/Modem and VNC Response: "failed to connect to server"

berrold berrold "at" yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 16:31:01 2004

Who can really explain in plain english step-by-step
procedures - how to configure this above router and vnc
server/client software on two only! machines which connect
to the internet through this router from others phone
Entering data is dynamic IP addressing under the router
(it's rarely changing, cause these machines under Linux and
do not rebooted - six and up monthes)
internal ip of the machines is
 - DHCP/DNS etc. is;
external ip are 2xx.2xx.x8x.x1x/2xx.2xx.x9x.1x1
I want to connect remotely these machines only:-)
Help ME!!!

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