Opening an XTerm crashes Client Session

Alainna C. Wonders awonders "at"
Tue Apr 6 14:01:01 2004

Good morning, 

I'm having a problem with a RedHat 7.3 System acting as a VNCServer and
a WindowsNT Workstation (4.0) as a client.  
Everytime a user opens an XTerm in the VNC Window on the WindowsNT
system, it immediately crashes the VNCClient.  
A 'ps aux |grep vnc' on the 7.3 system reveals that the VNC server is
still running, so it must be the client on the WinNT box.  

Anyone know what is causing this? 
I haven't been able to find anything via google/docs, so I'm hoping
someone on here has a resolution to the issue.