Router/Firewall Settings for Port Forwarding Continued...

William Hooper whooper "at"
Tue Apr 6 13:41:02 2004

Carlyle Sutphen said:
> David,
> I may be wrong here since I have never actually set up port forwarding.
> But looking at the screenshot you pointed to, it looks like you may
> have misinterpretted the meanings of "Start Port" and "End Port."
> I believe that "Start Port" refers to the port being accessed on the
> internet side of your router. "End Port" is probably the destination
> port on your internal computer.

No, it allows you to specify a range of ports instead of just a single
port.  The NAT device just has a limitation that the external port is
forwarded to the same internal port.  For example if you put a rule to
forward port 5900, the internal machine must be listening on 5900 (it
can't be set to 5901 or 5902).

William Hooper