ctrl-alt-delete problems with 3.3.7 server on NT sp6

Dave Osborne dosborne "at" prologic-inc.com
Mon Apr 5 22:49:00 2004



I hate to raise an issue that has probably been brought up and answered,
but I was unable to find a solution to this problem posted. Hopefully
someone out there can tell me the solution to this; or provide
information on any workarounds to this problem.


I'm running the VNC 3.3.7 server on a NT sp6 workstation system, and
it's installed and running as a system service. I am able to connect
using a client running on XP pro, but under certain circumstances the
ctrl-alt-delete being send using the client right mouse menu is either
not being sent or not being caught by the server. Specifically this
happens when the NT system is booted but has not yet been logged into
and is displaying the 'Begin Logon' dialog.

If I log in the machine locally and lock the machine, I am able to
unlock it and relock it remotely. However, if I logoff of the machine
remotely and close my VNC client, when I reattach using a new instance
of the VNC client the server does not receive the ctrl-alt-delete.
Interestingly, if I logoff remotely and attempt to login using the same
VNC client instance it will work fine! 

Any answers, workarounds, or ideas are greatly appreciated.




Dave Osborne