Remote Installation of WinVNC 4 Beta

Waite, Stan swaite "at"
Mon Apr 5 22:00:01 2004

I have searched the archives and checked the links to the other sites
mentioned on the boards here, but have been unsuccessful in finding a
solution.  I'm sure I must be doing something wrong.  I work for a Sheriff's
department in Southern California, USA.  The County is roughly about 250,000
square miles, with offices as far as 200 miles away.  It would take too long
to travel to each of the sites and install WinVNC 4, and I would like to
install it remotely on approximately the 1400 computers throughout the
County.  I have found the remote installs for the older versions, but not
yet for WinVNC 4.  The servers are all either WIN2K Advanced Server or
WIN2K3 Advanced Server, all the workstations are Windows 2000 Pro or XP Pro.
Has anyone created a script for Version 4 yet?  Any help would be




swaite "at"