specify server geometry in configuration file

Jeff Boerio boerio "at" ichips.intel.com
Mon Apr 5 21:38:00 2004

I've written an entirely custom vncserver script that we use
internally.  One of the customizations we have allows for "global"
settings for things like the geometry and color depth and those settings
can be overridden by user customizations by looking at parameters inside
a ~/.vnc/Xvnc.rc file.

     - Jeff

On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 13:19, William Hooper wrote:

> Robert Swan said:
> > Does anyone know how to specify the server geometry in a configuration
> > file, rather than on the command line?
> Assuming you are referring to a *nix OS, you can edit vncserver (it is a
> perl script) and change the default.