Router/Firewall Settings for Port Forwarding Finally Solved!

Peter Coulter peter "at"
Mon Apr 5 20:48:00 2004

You should not have an issue with Netgear Remote Management and VNC
The Netgear Remote Management facility is smart enough to allow to Remote
Management to be set to use any port (use the Port Number field on the
Remote Management page of the the Netgear GUI). I set mine to a nice obscure
port in the high 10s of thousands and it does not interfer with VNC (or
anything else as far as I am aware).

Peter Coulter

> Hey Everybody,
> I just wanted to write to thank everyone for their help in fixing my VNC
> problems.  I couldn't figure out why my port forwarding wasn't working and
> why I didn't have access to VNC, and that's why I started with square one
> with the networking questions.  It turns out that my Netgear router isn't
> very smart, and I had the settings correct the entire time.  I had remote
> management turned on (to access router settings remotely) and that is what
> was blocking VNC.  Unlike Linksys routers that allow you to forward one IP
> and port to another IP and port, my Netgear does not allow you to add port
> information.  Remote management of the router and VNC used the same
> and different ports so whenever I tried to access VNC it wouldn't work
> the Netgear Router doesn't also forward the port number).  Turning off
> Remote management fixed my problem and now it works.  I've learned a lot
> about VNC and Networking in the process and from reading the FAQ and your
> posts, now I just wish that VNC included the ability to save files to
> different computers without having to email/transfer them a different way.
> I wonder if the 4.0Beta of RealVNC is worth a download.  Anyway, thanks
> everyone for your assistance!