Two VNC Servers on One Machine, with different properties.

Chuck M cmariotti "at"
Mon Apr 5 20:43:00 2004

I have been using VNC for many years now... I must say, it has been the 
greatest life saver... I would like to push it to the next level in our 
organization if possible.

In particular, I would like to have our sale staff start to use it for sales 
purposes.I will use a cheesey example below...

Doug is a sales rep... Doug's computer (Windows 2000/XP) currently has 
VNCServer installed as a Service, with it's default settings (5800 Web and 
5900) and an administrator password. This "Service Installation" is strictly 
used so that Doug's network administrator can remote control his computer as 
required to do updates, hand-hold with technical issues, etc... Doug never 
touches this installation of VNC (although the icon is on the bottom right 

Doug would love to do zero notice, real-time sales demonstations to his 
clients. It is assumed that Doug's clients are big firms with strict 
firewall rules. Meaning, PORT 80 is the acceptable port to utilize.

Doug would only like to run this program when he is ready to run a demo. So, 
he would like an Icon on his desktop that he just double-clicks. It would be 
also good if Doug could change the password himself every time he wants to 
demo (say, to "ClientName"). Doug would also like his clients to VIEW ONLY, 
meaning, he doesn't want the client to take over control of his machine. 
This is strictly a watch the demo situation.

Doug does not want his clients to install a special viewer, he would just 
like to give them a web page to go to to view... much like 
( ... This would initialize the Java client 
in the brower and user would be able to view what doug is viewing. Except, 
5800-5900 is probably not a good port number to use as stated above)

SO... given the above... can this be done? Am I thinking straight or can you 
recommend a better way or thought train?

At the end of the day, the short of it is.

I need two VNC Servers installed on the same Windows 2000/XP Machine. One, 
is full access for the administrator installed as a Service. The other is a 
view only, on demand (double click short-cut), running on port 80. Both 
installations supporting the WebBrowser Java Client (just different ports).

Any suggestions would be great!



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