Re. Native X Display (RealVNC 4.0b4)

Mike Fedyk mfedyk "at"
Mon Apr 5 19:43:01 2004

William Hooper wrote:
> Christopher Mc Carthy said:
>>Thanks for the pointer William.
>>Can I suggest (to the RealVNC people) that a little note be added to
>> saying that you *must* specify the
>>location of the passwd file in the Option section?
> It is not mandatory.  You could just as easily set SecurityTypes=None to
> not have a password.  Or (after some other types get developed) set
> options for other security types.  The choice of SecurityTypes=VncAuth
> (the default) means you have to also specify the location of the (VNC not
> system) passwd file.

how about adding something like: "(required by some auth systems)"