Router/Firewall Settings for Port Forwarding Continued...

David dmc "at"
Mon Apr 5 15:25:01 2004

I have read everyone's answers and I understand the router/firewall/VNC
settings and my need for port forwarding, but I still do not understand what
to actually do to workaround this problem.

I am on a LAN and my IP address is w.x.y.z and I used to directly connect my
computer to the ethernet.  It is a dynamic address but it is always the same
address (meaning I choose the automatically get address and it's dynamic and
technically I guess it isn't static) but for all intensive purposes it
remains as the same IP so I don't need a DNS service or anything...

Anyway, from a different computer on the internet I log into
http://w.x.y.z:5800 to access VNC.  I tried two ways to set-up port
forwarding with my Netgear.  The first way was to forward the server IP
address w.x.y.z for ports 5800 to 5900 (TCP service not UDP).  The other way
I tried was to forward the server IP address (which is the IP my
router assigns to my computer always as is the router and I only
have one computer so it's .2).  Neither way works b/c as you said, it will
forward a certain address with certain port numbers TO an IP address but not
to an IP AND port.  So if there was an option to forward w.x.y.z:5800 to everything would be fine.  The reason I changed my router's
IP to w.x.y.z was to make sure that was the problem and when VNC now thought
the addy was w.x.y.z it worked (but obviously internet didn't b/c the router
got confused).  

So basically, how can I set up port forwarding so that when I type in
http://w.x.y.z:5800 it forwards to instead of just b/c that's my problem right?  I was thinking that since my
router had a remote management feature (where I can type in http://w.x.y.z
and I can log into my server settings from anywhere on the internet) that
this might be causing a problem?  B/c even though for remote management I
have port 8080 lets say to log in, I don't even need to type a port to get
to the router settings.  I will try turning remote management of the server
off and try both port forwarding addresses one more time, but I am at a loss
on how to forward a TCP 5800 or 5900 to or PC1 and not just
to  Any ideas????

If you click on the link below, you can view a screen shot of the only port
forwarding settings I have with my Netgear.

And here's what my network looks like since I have one computer...

N|          +--------+                         
T|  w.x.y.z |        |   +------+
E+----------+ Router +--------------+ Pc 1 +-------------
N|          |        |              +------+
E|          +--------+            
"This is correct, the problem is that the router has not been told 
that when someone on the internet wants to connect to the router 
(ie. w.x.y.z), with vnc (ie TCP port 5900), that the person really
wants to connect to PC1, so would the router please be so kind as to
forward the request on to PC1?

You need to find out how to tell your router how to forward TCP 5900
(and ALSO TCP 5800; the Java stuff needs BOTH) to PC1.  That is all you
are missing!"

Right - that is the info that I need to fix this!  Do other routers like
Linksys have settings for ports and my Netgear just doesn't or what?

Thanks for everyone's help!