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Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at" futurmaster.com
Mon Apr 5 10:57:00 2004

	Things can't just stop working suddenly.  If you're sure you haven't installed anything in the viewer machine as well as the server machine, you'd better check if they're infected by virus or not.  Some recent (macro) virus contain a lot of code like an integrated SMTP server and they pump really a lot of system resources which might explain why the network connection isn't stable.

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> Hi, I've been using the VNC service for about a year and a half now. Just
> today it started acting really weird. Whenever I try to connect to a server
> through the main VNC Viewer, after I type in the password, the box pops up
> for about half a second, and then dissappears. Whenever I try to log on
> through my web browswer, I get the java.io.EOFException error. I don't see
> why it could be doing this, because I used VNC yesterday and it worked just
> fine. I looked through the troubleshooting and used the search options on
> the VNC website, and I couldn't find any answers. Any help you could offer
> will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!