network log off

Thorsten Rechthaler thorsten.rechthaler "at"
Mon Apr 5 07:40:01 2004

I am using RealVNC on WinXP over WLAN. When I have established a connection
between two PCs and close the connection, one of the PCs (the server) seems
to be logged off from the network and I have to reboot the server PC in
order to have all network functions (e.g. internet, shared files,....). As I
reboot the server PC I can log on the internet and do all the stuff I
usually do over WLAN connection until I use RealVNC again.
The settings on the server's properties seem to be correct ("when the last
client nothing").
Does anyone know this problem and is there a solution? I didn't have this
problem before installing RealVNC.
Thanks for your help
Best regards