HELP! Router/Firewall with VNC Question

David dmc "at"
Sun Apr 4 12:45:01 2004

I still have questions about the router b/c it will not work.  I set up port
forwarding and then called Netgear and double-checked that it was set-up
right.  I have a service for port 5800-5900 set up for my IP address which
means if I log into my IP address from a computer at any port between
5800-5900, it should let it through the firewall.  However, on my computer
if I hover my mouse over winVNC, it doesn't show my IP address, it shows the
internal router IP address, you know the default or .2 or .3
depending on which connection I'm on.  I can check this by trying to log in
on the same computer (which it won't connect b/c loopback connections aren't
allowed but I can tell if it would work) and if I do it
works fine (but then won't allow the loopback) but if I do my IP
address:5800 which is what I'd need to do to log into VNC from another
computer, it doesn't work.  Instead, if I remember correctly it tries to log
me into the router settings remotely - how do I fix this problem?  I think
that my forwarding is set-up right but I need VNC to know my real IP
address, not the default 192.168.x.x router one...



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Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 00:42:40 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Scott C. Best" <sbest "at">
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	Heya. First off, here's all the info you should need about
firewall/routers and how to get them to play nicely with VNC:

	As for your related question:

> My router is set up with WEP security, has a firewall, and I made it so
> only the MAC address on my wireless card is allowed access to the wireless
> router and turned off Broadcasting the SSID so no one else can use mine.
> I'd appreciate any help/advice in a workaround to VNC with my router and
> suggestions on how to increase security of the router (for instance,
> I change the router's IP from the default 192.168.x.x and what else can I
> for security)?

	In general, the security of the router can be measured by the
security of the services it allows to be accessed. So once you get the
router's "port-forwarding" setup to work with VNC, the question becomes:
how secure is your VNC Server? That is, did you choose a strong password,
do you have AuthHost settings, do you tunnel the connection thru SSH?
Even if your answer is "no" to some of these questions, you're several
orders-of-magnitude more secure than an average Windows user connected
directly to the Internet *without* a firewall/router.

hope this helps,

> I have always just used WinVNC by opening it on my computer and then
> accessing it from other computers at work or school or from friend's
> computers by opening IE and entering my IP address:5800.  I understand
> you can also use VNC by installing the VNC Viewer and using it that way
> most computers that I access mine from don't have VNC installed plus I
> didn't really understand how to use it.
> Anyway, my problem is that I now am on a Netgear router that I guess has a
> firewall and other stuff embedded so I can't use VNC anymore from other
> computers whether VNCViewer or using the IE/Java way.


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From: "Rodrigo Farias" <rodrigofarias77 "at">
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Subject: VNC under router
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 23:37:20 -0300

I have ADSL internet connection with SpeedStream modem. I've changed my
modem mode from brigde to router. I'm having trouble now to access my
computer using RealVNC from internet now...

My computers are and The modem is (connected on hub's uplink port).

What could I do to solve this problem?




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