HELP! Router/Firewall with VNC Question

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Sun Apr 4 01:43:00 2004

	Heya. First off, here's all the info you should need about
firewall/routers and how to get them to play nicely with VNC:

	As for your related question:

> My router is set up with WEP security, has a firewall, and I made it so that
> only the MAC address on my wireless card is allowed access to the wireless
> router and turned off Broadcasting the SSID so no one else can use mine.
> I'd appreciate any help/advice in a workaround to VNC with my router and any
> suggestions on how to increase security of the router (for instance, should
> I change the router's IP from the default 192.168.x.x and what else can I do
> for security)?

	In general, the security of the router can be measured by the
security of the services it allows to be accessed. So once you get the
router's "port-forwarding" setup to work with VNC, the question becomes:
how secure is your VNC Server? That is, did you choose a strong password,
do you have AuthHost settings, do you tunnel the connection thru SSH?
Even if your answer is "no" to some of these questions, you're several
orders-of-magnitude more secure than an average Windows user connected
directly to the Internet *without* a firewall/router.

hope this helps,

> I have always just used WinVNC by opening it on my computer and then
> accessing it from other computers at work or school or from friend's
> computers by opening IE and entering my IP address:5800.  I understand that
> you can also use VNC by installing the VNC Viewer and using it that way but
> most computers that I access mine from don't have VNC installed plus I
> didn't really understand how to use it.
> Anyway, my problem is that I now am on a Netgear router that I guess has a
> firewall and other stuff embedded so I can't use VNC anymore from other
> computers whether VNCViewer or using the IE/Java way.