HELP! Router/Firewall with VNC Question

David dmc "at"
Sat Apr 3 06:34:00 2004


I have always just used WinVNC by opening it on my computer and then
accessing it from other computers at work or school or from friend's
computers by opening IE and entering my IP address:5800.  I understand that
you can also use VNC by installing the VNC Viewer and using it that way but
most computers that I access mine from don't have VNC installed plus I
didn't really understand how to use it.


Anyway, my problem is that I now am on a Netgear router that I guess has a
firewall and other stuff embedded so I can't use VNC anymore from other
computers whether VNCViewer or using the IE/Java way.  From my computer I
can go to my IP address (actually it's my router's IP address) and it will
work until I enter my password and it says loopbacks aren't allowed (which I
understand).  But when I try to access it from a different computer it
doesn't work.  My router's IP addy is the default address so I assume it's
the same as tons of other people's routers which means of course it wouldn't


So how can I change VNC or my router settings so that I can use VNC?  When I
log into my router settings there are options for port
forwarding/triggering, static routes, and
<>  for Dynamic DNS but I don't know which or what to
do so that I can access VNC.  I read the FAQ on the realVNC page and it said
that I have to allow access of the ports to VNC but I didn't understand how
to do this.  Also, it suggested that I use SSH (Secure Shell) which is more
secure but I also don't understand this.


Basically, I have ethernet/lan connected to my Netgear router connected to
my computer with IP 152.x.x.x (no cable modem or anything) and the Netgear
router has some kind of embedded firewall which makes VNC think the address
I need to use to access it is the Router's default IP such as 192.168.x.x.
I need a way to tunnel or allow access of VNC so I can use the viewer or
more importantly put in the IP to any computer with IE/Internet and access


My router is set up with WEP security, has a firewall, and I made it so that
only the MAC address on my wireless card is allowed access to the wireless
router and turned off Broadcasting the SSID so no one else can use mine.
I'd appreciate any help/advice in a workaround to VNC with my router and any
suggestions on how to increase security of the router (for instance, should
I change the router's IP from the default 192.168.x.x and what else can I do
for security)?