AS400 + Websphere 4.0

Jerome Downey j.downey "at"
Fri Apr 2 21:14:01 2004

Hello all,

I've been trying to get Java generated pie charts to work for an ERP I'm
developping on our AS400.  We use Websphere Advanced Server 4.0.  Since java
can't generate graphic images unless the server is running a graphics sever, I
decide to look into VNC.  I've can start the VNC server using:


but still java claims it can't find an active desktop to render from, even
after I explicitly set the DISPLAY variable to the appropriate

I can get green screen based java class that require an active VNC server to
run, but that's only for terminal work.  Does anybody have any experience in
this matter?

Thank you,
Jerome Downey
j.downey "at"