NIS and no solution yet

E. Sprow brakepro "at"
Fri Apr 2 19:52:00 2004

To All Interested Parties:

I called Symantec again, and was told that realvnc is not in their list of
supported remote desktop providers and that they could not help me, that
instead, I should contact the people at realvnc and have them figure out why
it is not working with NIS.

Now keep in mind that I had explained the whole issue I am having is with
NIS 2003 and I also told the tech that others had reported that it worked
with NIS 2004.  I was told that it must be a fluke and if I want to use 2004
then go ahead and see if it works, if not, too bad.

And that, is that.

Any suggestions?
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> Elke,
> If VNC Viewer doesn't work at all when NIS is enabled then your only realy
> option is to get Symantec to sort it out.  The ZoneAlarm guys had a
> in one of their builds that prevented VNC Viewer from working, for no good
> reason, so perhaps Symantec have managed to hit a similar bug...
> Cheers,
> Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.