VNC and a Cisco VPN Client

John Schneider John "at"
Fri Apr 2 16:26:01 2004

James Painter wrote:

>> I have a client to whom I connect by using the Cisco VPN Client 
>> software (Version 4.0.2) to connect to their network, then I use 
>> pcAnywhere to connect to a specific machine on the network.  I have a 
>> situation now where I need someone else to connect to my machine 
>> using VNC while I'm connected to the client, so that we can both look 
>> at the system at the same time.
>> ...
> The newer Cisco VPN Client versions include a "stateful firewall".  
> Based on ZoneAlarm, I think.  Once you establish a VPN Client 
> connection, all incoming connections to your machine will be 
> rejected.  But you can turn the "stateful firewall" off.  Right click 
> the vpnclient icon in the task bar and uncheck that option.
> --Jamie

The item you refer to shows up as "Stateful Firewall (Always On)" and 
when I connect, then right-click the padlock icon in the system try, it 
is already unchecked.  If I click on it, it then shows as checked.

Thanks for the response,