VNC and a Cisco VPN Client

James Painter jpainter "at"
Fri Apr 2 02:21:01 2004

>I have a client to whom I connect by using the Cisco VPN Client software 
>(Version 4.0.2) to connect to their network, then I use pcAnywhere to 
>connect to a specific machine on the network.  I have a situation now 
>where I need someone else to connect to my machine using VNC while I'm 
>connected to the client, so that we can both look at the system at the 
>same time.

The newer Cisco VPN Client versions include a "stateful firewall".  
Based on ZoneAlarm, I think.  Once you establish a VPN Client 
connection, all incoming connections to your machine will be rejected.  
But you can turn the "stateful firewall" off.  Right click the vpnclient 
icon in the task bar and uncheck that option.