Possible to control Win98 from WinXP (via Internet)?

Jan Bergquist jb.bergquist "at" telia.com
Thu Apr 1 22:30:00 2004

Another version of a previous question about RealVNC.

My wish (2nd alternative):
I have a computer in city A (XP Home), with ADSL connection to the Internet
/ and another in city B (Win98, which has to dial an ISP to get to the
When this dial-up connection is made, I want to control the Win98 computer
from (my) XP computer, via e.g. RealVNC.
(I.e. run programs, change settings and preferences, show some things,
transfer files, even run Internet Explorer to get things from the Internet
if possible)

Is this possible with the help of RealVNC?

How should the connection be prepared in Win98 computer, with VNC server,
considering it has to be as secure as possible?
What about my side with XP (VNC client) ? How can I find the Win98
computer/VNC server?