Possible to control Win98 from WinXP (direct phone/modem)?

Jan Bergquist jb.bergquist "at" telia.com
Thu Apr 1 22:27:00 2004

I have a newbie question about RealVNC.

My wish: I want to make a normal phone connection (dial-up modem-modem)
between a computer in city A (XP Home) and another in city B (Win98).
Then I want to control the Win98 computer from (my) XP computer, via e.g.
(I.e. run programs, change settings and preferences, show some things,
transfer files.)

Is this possible with the help of RealVNC?

How should the connection be prepared in Win98 computer, and on my side with
XP (VNC client?)?

What programs control the dial-up/answer on each side, and how does RealVNC
get into the picture (and control)?