router config to work with VNC

Tom Knowlton tom "at"
Thu Apr 1 20:25:00 2004

Okay.....with some kind help from Peter this morning.....I finally have a port open and available (according to on my home PC now.

The problem is....I'll be darned if I can connect to my home PC from work.

I spoke with the Network Admin and he swears that he is not blocking my connection.

What could be wrong?

In my viewer I am typing   205.208.X.X:<display num>

I connect to WORK from my HOME PC all the I am very familiar with the VNC Viewer and how it works.  But I am still open to suggestions.


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As noted by other posters your diagram is incomplete.

However what if does tell me is that you have two devices - namely the Actiontec modem and the D-link router - with the same IP address namely (you say it in words in some of the supporting text but it is not shown in the diagrams).

First you can't have two devices with the same IP address and not expect problems.
Plus your Dlink must be getting very confused -- it's supposed to be a router, by definition a router routes! Usually between different sub-nets!! :-)
But as it is seeing the same IP address on each of its port (both WAN-side and LAN-side) it's likely not a happy bunny.
For me the easiest way to solve this is to put the modem and the router on different sub-nets as follows: 
leave the  modem on (the sub-net) and put the router on a completely different sub-net. So that it is very clear which is which make them very different, thus I suggest putting the router on the / (although really anything other than 192.168.0.x will do). The router being the DHCP server then dishes out LAN IP address to this revised sub-net. The very first consequence of this will be that you can access both devices via IE using their now different IP addresses without having to be disconnect the devices every now and again! ;-) 

Once you get this difficulty between modem and router sorted you may be able to progress with VNC issues. Set up port-forwarding on each device now as appropriate. 
Good luck,

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> Does this diagram help any?  (until I can get Kaboodle up and running)