Allow Shutdown not in system registry

William Hooper whooper "at"
Thu Apr 1 18:18:00 2004

Nathan Harmsworth said:
>>> This is dependent on the OS you are using.  From the sounds of it you
>>> are
>>> using Win98, so the registry key wouldn't have helped you anyway.
>>> Win9x
>>> has no concept of security.
> Indeed William, with all due respect, you are wrong. Win 98 (SE) has
> plenty
> of security (naturally not as much as XP of course) - its just knowing how
> to use it i.e.

This is not security, it is hiding functions and hoping people don't find

> The standard users i have here under 98, can only:
> - run a certain list of applications
> - Have no access to the Control Panel
> - Can not see the C: drive by browsing (although this setting goes
> sometimes)

Have you tried openning IE and typing "Desktop" or "C:"...

> - Do not have desktop icons
> - Can not change the display settings or affect any display properties
> - Have a customised set of Program icons that cannot be altered in any way
> - etc...
> Naturally, if your not running win98 on a domain then this list would be
> less but still much is achivable given patience and time :D

All can be changed via regedit.  Win98 can also be trivially logged in
locally to make any changes you want.  I have yet to find a Win98 machine
I can't make any changes that I want to.  It most likely works in your
situation because the users are not trying to make changes.

William Hooper